Borino The Real Estate Coach Finally Reveals...

How To Turn Even The Toughest FSBOs Into Friendly Clients And Great Listings… Without Rejection, Uncomfortable Pressure, Or Salesy “Closing”

Dear Fellow Real Estate Agent,

Yes, I know this page is damn long and it looks like hundreds of those gimmicky sales pages (with the bold headline and stuff!). I bet you scrolled all the way down first just check the price of this thing. It’s OK…

But even with that said, this is not your typical sales stuff. Here is what I mean…

Recently, two real estate agents got their license. Eager, full of hopes and dreams (just like you and I while back, remember?)

Your Real Estate Coach

Both smart, hard-working people, ready to roll up their sleeves motivated, motivated, passionate…and hungry for success.

But there was a difference. One became a successful agent quickly. The other one quit after one year of struggle.


Have you ever wondered, as I have, what makes this kind of difference in people's lives? Why is it, that some people just rise to the top, almost without effort — and prance around in nice cars and fancy clothes, while others just limp by, broke? Read on...


It isn't intelligence or talent or dedication. It isn't that one person wants success and the other doesn’t. The difference lies in what each person knows and how he or she makes use of that knowledge.

The Success Formula…


Obviously, there is tons of information out there already. Geez, my ten-year old uses Google like nobody’s business. And you’re plenty motivated (why would you be reading this otherwise).

So you may be wondering what does all this have to do with you...and making piles of cash as a successful real estate agent?

The answer is...


Think about it. If you have a system in place that generates a steady stream of MOTIVATED SELLERS who have a burning desire to sell… Would you succeed? The answer is YES, of course!

The more motivated sellers who know you and trust you, the better chance you have to list tons of nice homes (and bring home plenty of bacon). Duh!

There are about 40 different methods to generate real estate leads. Some better than others. Most take time, tons of work, or money (some require all three).

But other than expireds, there is ONLY one lead source of “ready to sell” sellers you can have right now for free... A whole bunch of motivated leads in a matter of minutes! 

For Sale By Owners

I mean RIGHT NOW. No tedious sifting through bunch of ‘maybes’. No expensive Facebook or Zillow ‘tire kickers’. No hours of cold calling or door knocking just to get one hopeful ‘yes’.

These folks are on the market, ready to go, waving their hands.

OK, so if they are so easy to find and eager to sell, why is not every single licensed part-timer listing them left and right (and shopping for a new Lexus)? After all, if they are so ripe for picking, couldn’t anyone do it?

Short answer… NO! The reality is, most agents can’t list a FSBO even if their life depended on it. Why?

  • They don't know HOW - no easy, but INEXPENSIVE FSBO system.
  • They don't know what to say (and worry about rejection).
  • Most agents think that By Owners are not motivated and rude.

For the LONGEST time I completely believed the same things. Until I discovered a SHOCKING truth: ONLY 1 out of 10 homes sold are FSBOs. Want proof? Look at this NAR chart:

You know what that means? Most FSBOs end up listing with an agent. They can’t sell on their own and they need help. Ka-Ching!

Which brings us back to the success story and...


I’m pretty sure I’ve stumbled over, for lack of a better phrase, ‘the next big thing’.

In fact, I believe that this new twist on working FSBOs is completely changing the way agents will be generating leads and selling real estate. Big claim, I know. This approach doesn’t work for every FSBO, or every agent, or every situation, obviously.

Is it for YOU? Maybe. Check it out...


This is a new approach to FSBOs. No pushy scripts. As a matter of fact, NO sales scripts to memorize - ever! No uncomfortable ‘closing’. And no dreadful rejection.

The entire system is based on a very DIFFERENT premise: one decent human being helping another decent human being while both benefit and both profit. All built on a relationship, understanding, and genuine TRUST.

From the moment you email or mail the seller, YOU are positioned as a high-status expert adviser and a guide. Not a needy salesman desperate for a listing.

Easier on you… And much more pleasant for the seller as well.

If there are FSBOs in your area, you can list and sell them. How? In four phases:

  • Understanding
  • Communication
  • Marketing
  • Influence

Here is what you get with The  FSBORINO System:

The FSBORINO Workbook

Think of it as “How To Get Bunch Of Listings” success manual. I kept it short and sweet. No fluff, no rah-rah. Years of FSBO marketing secrets distilled into a battle-tested guide so you will finally learn how the big boys get all the listings.

You Will Get:

  • 68 pages of the newest FSBO tips, dialogs and strategies
  • Complete step-by-step walkthrough of the entire system
  • Easy to read and learn over a cup of coffee
  • Great reference when you need answers
  • All dialog outlines, questions, and objections included

The FSBORINO Video Course (Instant Access Online)

I chunked down the entire FSBO-getting process into small, easy to learn and implement bites. Baby steps…all the way the to the bank. You can can go through it all in one afternoon if you’re in a hurry to get listings.

You will see plenty of real life examples— and it’s fun! You can watch the videos anytime, anywhere: on your phone, iPad, or your laptop. Heck, show them to your spouse so you won't get in trouble for ordering another real estate program 😉


    Why FSBOs are easy and profitable listings. Daily Success Checklist.


    What triggers resistance. How to eliminate rejection. Understanding FSBO behaviour.


    Where to find the most motivated sellers. What it takes to list a FSBO per week.


    How to get started with email, mail, phone and visits. First friendly conversation.


    Why even an overpriced FSBO can turn out to be a great listing.


    The right mix of helpful, interesting and high-impact follow up marketing.


    Cutting edge techniques: Facebook, texting, video, the house hotline, and more…


    What usually triggers brush and negative objections. How to prevent most of them in advance.


    Turning leads into listings. The bridge from FSBO to client.

Complete Marketing & Follow Up Library

Ask yourself “Who gets the listing at the end?”

It’s usually NOT the best agent. Not the agent with the most experience or the biggest budget. Not even the agent with years of experience.

Once the seller is ready to list (right away, or in a few days or weeks), they ALWAYS pick the agent who has been cool and helpful. An agent they like and trust the most. The one who keeps in touch for as long as it takes to get the listing.

The FSBORINO comes with a full set of high-impact marketing brochures, guides, mailings, and letters (you can also send them as emails.) All of them are online so you can download them instantly.

Just copy, paste, personalize, print - and send away. The FSBO will have YOUR name in front of them at all times - with tons of cool, interesting and helpful information.


It’s almost like having me with you at every appointment with a FSBO

Run each FSBO appointment through the Analyzer and you will instantly see your strengths. Discover what what works so you can do more of that!

Quickly (and painlessly) identify your weak spots and FIX THEM. The Meeting Analyzer will help you stay on track and make almost every appointment a total win. INSTANT ACCOUNTABILITY so you can always bring your A Game! 

You Will Also Get:

  • Free trial of the RedX FSBO generator

  • Free trial of the Realty Juggler contact management

  • Access to Real Estate Rockstars private Mastermind group

  • Membership to the Listing University Coaching and webinar library

  • Priority Customer Support

  • Unconditional NO QUESTIONS money back guarantee

Yes Borino! Enroll me in the FSBORINO System immediately  so I'll finally have plenty of motivated leads, good listings and loyal clients I can help. I want to enjoy my work and have a profitable, predictable real estate business. 

Get Started Now

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My COMPLETE GUARANTEE to you: Either the FSBORINO works for you or your money back. That's how confident I am in my system (and in you!). Give it a try for the next 30 days. If you're not getting more leads and listings, simply let us know and we will happily refund your entire purchase. No questions. No hassle.

You Will Get...

  • A Step-By-Step Online Guide to Listing FSBOs
  • Instant Access To FSBO Marketing And Follow Up Library
  • Video Course With Details And Real Life Examples
  • The Meeting Analyzer
  • FSBO Objection Crusher
  • 30-Day Risk-Free No Questions Asked Guarantee
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